Authorized supplier of NVF products. Minority Owned Corporation.

ELE-Global authorized supplier of NVF products

Vulcanized Forbon – an environmentally safe material with no carcinogenic effects, a 100% natural cellulose composition that can be used as a replacement for metal and environmental harmful plastics.

Vulcanized Fibre is fully compliant to the following new international restrictions:

  • RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances)
  • PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocardons)

We carry a wide variety of UL approved vulcanized forbon in various forms to fit your needs.  We can supply sheet, tube, or coil.  Even better, we can do so in roll form to meet your continuous fabrication needs for highest production efficiency.

If you are looking for Fuse cartridges, plugs, insulators, liners, grommets, and bushings, then ELE – GLOBAL Fibre Tubes are your answer!   NVF and Ele Global provides you with over 50 years of setting the electrical standards testing and inspection of vulcanized fibre to meet your specifications.

Vulcanized FORBON:  Thickness available from .005 to 1.0 inches in colors gray, black, red, white, or tan.

Vulcanized FORBON Tubes and rods have good mechanical and dielectric strength, arc resistance, arc quenching characteristics, and excellent machining, forming and spinning qualities.
Made in USA.

Phenolite Tubes and Sheets

Combination Tubes:   a complex tubing of epoxy resin fiberglass and vulcanized FORBON tube combination.

Or a replacement of the above combination tube using epoxy resin fiberglass and Aluminum Tri Hydrate

Your source for Ele Yorkite®  and Yorkite Veneer.  Yorkite  has a number of applications.

We can supply fabrication on any material to your specifications.

Wc Can Ship Any Size Order from a Sheet to a Truckload!